Adapting to the Landscape in Research Instead of Altering Your Research for Sampling Methods

In Part 1 of 2, we got a few hints of what was to come in Part 2.  I know you all have been in suspense! LOL… 

After working with one of the leading hydraulic soil sampling companies in the US, tapping local expertise on fabrications, and smashing more knuckles and kneecaps than we would like to admit to…

“The NSAR Unit” would like to unveil the newest addition to the USDA ARS’s soil sampling fleet!

As far as we can tell, this is the first of its kind.  And if it isn’t, please don’t shade our shine, we are fragile!

What you see is a tracked UTV (Utility Task Vehicle), with a mounted soil hydraulic corer.  The UTV can seat three people, or one human and two dogs (no comment on our preference).  The “Giddings” (it is the company that makes the hydraulic corers, so we in the field just refer to it as a “Giddings”) is mounted on the back, and can be removed easily, so that the UTV can be used to move equipment in and out of the field when soil coring isn’t a priority (Not a priority?  I think I just heard all you soil scientist gasp!). 

Joking aside, we are super excited to be able to expand our soil coring capabilities in the unique landscape(s) that we have in our region!  And I know, you all will want one for your own labs and units now.  It’s tough to keep up with the “cool kids on the block”, ummm, I mean the “researchers using cutting edge technologies to further the advances of science”!  If you have questions on how you would go about setting up something similar in your own university, lab, unit, farm, etc., please reach out!  We are not allowed to accept money, but we vow to never ever turn down donations of homemade chocolate chip cookies.  Because who would?!

The photo is of one of our newest scientists, Dr. Garett Heineck, taking some cores in one of his trials.

Unfortunately, this piece of equipment does not have a name.  Sad, we know.  So that is where you come in.  We would like to hear what you think of him/her/they, and what you think he/she/them should have as his/hers/their name! 

Until then, be safe out there, and help change the world!