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Conducting Research


CAF-LTAR manages research at numerous locations across the dryland cropping region but has a primary long-term study located at the WSU R.J. Cook Agronomy Farm, which was the inspiration for the name of the CAF-LTAR research group (see below map).

Note: The R.J. Cook Agronomy Farm is the title of a Washington State University (WSU) research farm where some of the LTAR research occurs and where the CAF-LTAR group takes its name from. Permission to conduct research outside of fields C01 and C06 in the above map should be sought from the WSU Department of Crop and Soil Sciences.

Research proposals are requested for research that utilizes or impacts resources managed by the USDA-ARS NSAR unit, including:

  • CAF LTAR fields at the WSU Cook Agronomy Farm
  • Fields and laboratories at the USDA-ARS Palouse Conservation Farm
  • NSAR managed laboratories located on the WSU campus.

If you are unsure whether a proposal is needed, please contact a NSAR unit scientist or go ahead and submit a proposal to initiate contact.

This process will help us to identify optimal sampling areas, allocate resources to help support your project, and to identify complementary existing efforts. The proposal process also allows us to evaluate site impacts to ensure the integrity of long-term experiments, to evaluate any possible safety concerns. We will also ensure federal policies and guidelines are being followed.

Warning: Buried high voltage power lines, electrical equipment, and chemicals may be present in some research fields and sites. Users must obtain permission prior to sampling.

Submit a Project Proposal

Submit a Project Proposal Form

CAF-LTAR scientists will review the proposal and reach out to you discuss details. 

Project proposals may take up to one month or more to review depending on the scope, complexity, and timing of the proposed research.

Note: If you would like to print the proposal form to reference while you plan your research, you may download a PDF version by clicking this link. Please make sure to complete the digital form to submit your proposal.

Register Your Project

Once a research proposal is approved, we will contact the lead researcher with instructions on how to register the project. Authorization to conduct research is not granted until the project is registered with us.

Requirements and Guideline Documents