Patrick O’Keeffe

Associate in Research

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering,
Washington State University, Pullman, WA

Phone: (509) 335-7246


  • B.S. Civil Engineering, 2011, Washington State University
  • Member of the WSU Laboratory for Atmospheric Research since 2008

Skills and Expertise

Eddy-covariance gas flux measurements, trace gas instrumentation, networking and telemetry, data acquisition, data engineering and visualization

Role in the CAF-LTAR

Provides CAF LTAR with operational and engineering support for trace gas analyzers, eddy-covariance towers, and associated instruments

Current Research Projects

  • CAF LTAR GHG flux towers (USDA)
  • Compost VOC & GHG emissions (WA Ecology)
  • Wildfire influence flux towers (PNNL)
  • Smoke taint measurements (USDA)

Selected Products

  • Russell, E. S., Dziekan, V., Chi, J., Waldo, S., Pressley, S. N., O’Keeffe, P. T., and Lamb, B. K. Adjustment of CO2 flux measurements due to the bias in the EC150 infrared gas analyzer. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, Volumes 276-277. October 2019.
  • Waldo, S., Kostyanovsky, K., Pressley, S. N., Russell, E. S., O’Keeffe, P. T., Huggins, D. R., Stockle, C. O., Pan, W. L., and Lamb, B. K. N2O Emissions from Two Tillage Regimes: High Spatial Variability and Long Pulses Observed Using Static Chambers and the Flux-Gradient Technique. Journal of Geophysical Research. June 2019.
  • Chi, J., Waldo, S., Pressley, S. N., Russell, E. S., O’Keeffe, P. T., Pan, W. L., Huggins, D. R., Stöckle C. O., Brooks, E. S., Lamb, B. K. Effects of climatic conditions and management practices on agricultural carbon and water budgets in the inland Pacific Northwest USA. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences, 122, 3142– 3160. November 2017.
  • Chi, J., Maureira, F., Waldo, S., Pressley, S. N., Stöckle, C. O., O’Keeffe, P. T., Pan, W. L., Brooks, E. S., Huggins, D. R., and Lamb, B. K. Carbon and Water Budgets in Multiple Wheat-Based Cropping Systems in the Inland Pacific Northwest US: Comparison of CropSyst Simulations with Eddy Covariance Measurements. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution. May 2017.