Garett Heineck

Research Agronomist

USDA-ARS Northwest Agroecosystem Research Unit
Prosser, WA



Dr. Garett Heineck is a USDA-ARS Research Agronomist and is stationed in Prosser Washington. He received a B.Sc from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls and an M.Sc and Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota in Plant Breeding and Genetics. Garett has also completed two postdocs, the first was focused on modeling yield components and moisture content of Kernza, and the second on lentil pathology. In his current role, he will be adding his expertise to a diverse team of ARS researchers working together to improve the sustainability and profitability of agroecosystems throughout the PNW dryland.

Skills and Expertise

field agronomy, frequentist statistics, R programming language, genetics, plant pathology

Role in the CAF-LTAR

Alternative cropping systems and long-term rotational research

Current Research Projects

  • Foster on-farm and research-farm collaborations for dryland cropping systems research across the three agroecological classes of CAF.
  • Exploring perennial grains such as Kernza (Thinopyrum intermedium) as an alternative or companion to annual wheat.
  • Experimenting with the intercropping of canola and grain legumes to determine yield potential and impact on winter wheat yields.
  • Learn how new cropping systems can work with or improve the profitability of the current wheat-based system found throughout the Inland Northwest.

Selected Products

  • Heineck, G.C., J. Casanova, L.D. Porter. 2022. Suitable methods of inoculation and quantification of Fusarium root rot in lentil. Plant Disease.
  • Heineck, G.C., K.R. Altendorf, C.J. Coyne, Y. Ma, R. McGee, L. Porter. 2022. Phenotypic and genetic characterization of the Lentil Single Plant-Derived core collection for resistance to root rot caused by Fusarium avenaceum. Phytopathology.
  • Heineck, G.C., J.M. Junger, E. Law, V. Picasso, M. Ryan, B. Schlautman, C. Sheaffer, D.  Stoltenberg. 2021. Quantifying intermediate wheatgrass seed size and moisture dynamics to inform grain harvest timing. Crop Science.
  • Altendorf, K.R., L.R. DeHaan, G.C. Heineck, X. Zhang, J.A. Anderson, 2020. Floret site utilization and reproductive tiller number are primary components of grain yield in intermediate wheatgrass spaced plants. Crop Science.
  • Heineck, G.C., N.J. Ehlke, E. Watkins. 2020. Predictive ability of perennial ryegrass spaced-plant nurseries for turfgrass and seed production swards in Minnesota. Crop Science.